Want to improve your connections?

Coach, therapist, facilitator, leader, manager, entrepreneur, teacher etc. these are all labels. I find them very limiting. I define my work in five words.

Facilitating awareness, healing and possibilities. Period

When you heal, you accept yourself. When you are aware, you develop more perspectives. More perspectives open up possibilities. Paradoxically this is the foundation for transformation.

“I feel so heard and understood after my sessions”.

“I am completely accepted as who I am with Sid”

“The conversation opened me up to multiple perspectives and filled me with hope and optimism”

These are some of the common reactions after conversation with me. This is not just from my clients but even my friends and family. 

No, I do not take full credit for this. Nor do all my clients say this. The key to success in my work is the depth of connection. The responsibility to create a safe space for that connection to flourish lie with me. The responsibility to reflect and work on self stays with clients. When both these things meet each other there is magic!   

How do I strive to create space for connection?

Through dialogue and compassion.  

Dialogues are the doorway into newer perspectives. Compassion is at the heart of connection and healing. All three combined together – perspectives, connection, and healing – are at the foundation of fulfillment and transformation. That is what AneKant Labs stands for. 

Want to improve your relationships?

You might want to be more intimate with your spouse. Maybe you want to increase team collaboration. Maybe you want to connect better with your students or be a better parent. Maybe you feel like you have to choose between being yourself and staying in contact – super painful…

I help you to have open, connecting talks that create harmony and a stronger relationship, with you taken fully into account

Reach out to me if you want 

  • Intimate relationship
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Improve Collaboration
  • Increase Innovation
  • Have Win-Win negotiations
  • Improve Parenting
  • Teach with empathy

Reach out to me if you want to deepen your connections

My clients are often looking for improvement around relationships, leadership, habits, decision making, creativity, finance, studying, or career.

I believe that connection with – self or others – is at the root of all these yearnings.

Thus I specialize and focus only on developing healthier connections. Improvement and solutions to other yearnings is a by-product of this connection.  


“Siddharth creates a safe and open space in his workshops for all to learn and grow”

“You can always bank upon Sid, to both listen and understand your psychology. From there he always provides a new perspective”

“When I can’t process my thoughts and feelings beyond a point, when I can’t articulate what I am going through, his amazing understanding of learning and psychology gives new insights and comfort.”

I am Siddharth (aka SID) Sensitive In Directness

Who Am I and What is AneKant labs?

I am on a mission to spread compassion and reduce hate in this world.

I use my skills of psychology – in Learning and Change psychology – to live my mission.

I chose this mission when I got in touch with my own hate. When I realized how it limits my experience of life, sucks away my happiness and keeps me miserable. I was often given a feedback that when I am triggered, I would be hurtful to others or self. I would either attack others or exhaust myself in sulking. Being Sensitive and Direct at the same time has been a perennial challenge for me. I have been able to work on this a lot with the help of Compassionate Communication and Vipassana Meditation.

I am under no delusion that I have arrived in life or mastered it!  

Thus it is also an aspirational state I aim for myself. What better way to live it than reminding myself of it daily?! My mission and my name – both my entire name and the abbreviation of SID I have given myself – do this job. They inspire me to live this daily. 

I am the founder of AneKant Labs.

AneKant is a term from Jainism which means there are multiple realities and/or perspectives to our experiences. We all experience reality in a subjective way especially in our relationships – with others and self. Having multiple perspectives is at the heart of empathy and compassion. I help my clients to get multiple perspectives through my facilitation. 

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