Compassionate Communication As I Practice


My Mission in life is to spread compassion. I am still articulating it better. I regularly journal and have been contemplating on it for months.

I see so much hate and hurt in the world, probably because there is so much of them inside me. I see myself as a person who is continuously growing out of his own hate and hurt. A person who is constantly learning to express his hurt in a positive way rather than venomous hate! The way to do this is Compassionate Communication

Hate for me stands for
Torment, the fear inside me
Exemplified and expressed without Respect outside

I hope to live this mission by purifying my mind. There are no milestones for me. There are moments. Single, individual moments. From the perspective of game theory, I am also a person who is in an infinite game. Someone who is playing not to win but to continuously improve. Thus to me, it is a life long (probably multiple birth’s) journey.

The next thread of the same is I want to be an Encourager. I find fulfillment in the same
and I feel the world also needs more Encouragers. There are enough critics in the world.
The NVC journey for me is about this care, feedback, and co-creating this system of
nourishment that encourages us to be our purest form. The idea of self is not lost in this system. Self is at the root of responsibility in this system of Encouragement.

In this, I envision myself as a helper, an enabler. Not a Rescuer. I am not willing to spend a single second on people who are wanting to stay a victim. I want to help folks only who Need help/encouragement. I am accepting the so-called ‘victims’ as
who they are and know that they are on their own journey. The choice and need to seek
encouragement/help is always mine or individuals. The system will only take the horse to the water, the proverbial horse will have to drink the water on its own. The system only shows the path, the journey has to be trodden step by step by me or the individual.

Why all this?
I am a deeply spiritual person. I am a follower of Vipassana meditation. The core aspect of it is purifying my mind so that I operate from the intention to connect and not harm. This is something that has given me immense peace, joy, clarity and well-being! What more do I need? I find this aspect in Compassionate Communication/NVC as well.

Practice of Vipassana touches me at the somatic level, NVC is for the cognitive level. It is to communicate in practical world and in my relationships with others. I believe that skills around words and action in connecting and not harming are just the manifestation of the above somatic and cognitive processes.

Working on purifying my intentions, is a life long process to which I would want to always devote my energy.

I am looking for like minded people to collaborate with me on this aspect of social change in detail. I work with these intentions in all my roles. As a husband, son, as an enabler – as a coach, empathy buddy, mediator, negotiator etc. Always being purposeful around developing my compassionate consciousness and helping others in the same journey.



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