I am Entitled — A poem on inner world of entitled people


This is to the little voice in my head that Demands things to happen from others. Demands others to behave only the way I want.

I am Entitled.

Don’t blame me. I am entitled
The fault is always with you.
I am perfect. I am entitled.

Don’t blame me. You always said I am special.
I don’t want to look inside me.
I am entitled

I am the center of universe. I am god’s gift to human kind. I should get everything.
I am entitled

I yearn for equality.
I never share hand in household chores
I am entitled

I will insult. I will throw tantrums.
I am entitled.

I demand consistency. I demand obedience.
I can be a rebel
I am entitled.

You are expected to read my mind. Know what I feel
I am too proud to articulate my feelings
I am entitled

You should be a good wife, should be a good father….
I am too blind to see my faults
I am entitled

I dont know how to feel hurt,
So, I express it as anger,
I am entitled

I am afraid to look small
I demand respect by violence
I am entitled

I demand my rights
I don’t perform my duties
I am entitled.

I realize when I am like this, It only takes me away from others.


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