Money and Feelings


Money and Feelings — My relationship with money

If you are having stomach ache, will you take pill for headache !?

If you want to build muscles will you do cardio exercises !?

Unfortunately, that is what we keep doing when it comes to our feelings. Money and Prestige are the invisible panacea we consider for all our feelings.

Feeling grateful? Let me donate to that poor family

Feeling lonely? Let me work hard on my business. If I have more money, I will be able to travel more.

Getting bored? Oh, If I get that award. I will feel so excited

Feeling scared? Only if I had that much money in my account everything will be ok

Feeling angry? When I get that position. These idiots will know who I am.

Feeling greedy? That stock is sure to be a multi bagger let me hoard it.

Feeling happy? Let me buy that expensive jacket for me.

Feeling love? Let me surprise her with that gift.

The only solutions society has taught a lot of us is to deal with our feelings through money and status.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are many other ways.

No one is telling to stop earning, saving and investing. However it is futile to treat money as panacea.

Yuval Noah Harari is very right in telling that money is the strongest fiction created by humans.

What does money represent for you


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