A journey from the bottom of the well


A family of tortoises is inhibiting a deep well. All their requirements are fulfilled inside. They have never bothered to come out. Sometimes when they tried, they failed to cross the overwhelming wall. When they look up all they can see is a narrow opening far above on the top.

A short, innocent tortoise was curious about this opening since childhood. At times it will be dark, other times there will be light. Sometimes water will come in from the opening and sometimes there will be snow. He also felt the cold breeze and twirling circle of air gushing in. At times some out of the blue object would fall from the opening. The opening seemed like both a blessing and a curse to the tortoise. He was never fully able to comprehend what it is. Sometimes in extreme moods, both exuberant and melancholic, he will yell at the opening. Never there was any reply as if the opening would absorb all his voices. Sometimes looking up would send chills down his spine and sometimes it would make his eyes watery. He was not sure if the opening impacted his mood or his mood impacted how he was experiencing the opening! It seems it was co-created.

When he grew up, he fell in love with a beautiful tortoise. There was some instant connection. Just like the opening, both of them could never understand this connection. They spent many nights in each other’s arms wondering about the opening, running around chasing each other, laughing whole heartedly and being playful with each other.

One day the beloved wife of this tortoise suddenly went numb. It would not move or talk. She would not eat anything. It just stayed there on its back with eyes transfixed at the opening above. When he touches her nostrils, it was not taking any air. He didn’t know what was happening. He had seen the same happening to his grandfather many years ago when he was very young.

His heart sank. His eyes felt heavy as if they want to burst however somehow they were not able to. He was not able to understand what was happening. He was terribly missing talking to her and playing with her. In few days, insects ate away her entire body. Now, she was not there even in his sight.

He thought now there is no meaning to my existence. He decided to make the journey towards the opening. He makes a small rope from the leaves and branches on the side of the walls. He hooks them to the nearest creft and climbs the small distance. There are days when he goes hungry. Sometimes he finds small insects on the walls to fill his stomach. After weeks of effort, he finally reaches the top.

An endless horizon is extending on all sides. Awe and fear claw his entire being. Experiencing the beauty and the overwhelming magnitude of nature his eyes are wide and full of tears. The tortoise’s entire being is transformed. This is nothing like he had imagined. His thoughts were not even a figment of what he was experiencing now.

Understanding new perspectives is not possible by just thinking and imagining. It has to be experienced. The tortoise has to come out of his well! There is no going back for him now.


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