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Do you doubt that patriarchy does not exist? It is just a fad?


  • (The article is written keeping the Indian audience in mind. However there are many parts that even the global audience would relate to)
  1. Who changes their house after marriage?
  2. Who changes their surname after marriage?
  3. Whose name becomes the middle name and surname for a child?
  4. Who has the final authority in all decision making at your house?
  5. Who has to ‘dress’ more appropriately in front of ‘elders’ in your family? 
  6. Who does not have the permission to come late at night? 
  7. Who manages the finances in your home?
  8. Who manages the kitchen?
  9. Yes, it takes a woman to carry a baby.  However, who changes the diapers in your house?
  10. Who was told to ‘be strong’, toughen up in their childhood? 
  11. Who was dissuaded to like pink color and who was encouraged to like it?
  12. Who was encouraged to study math/science and who was encouraged to study arts?
  13. Who was given permission to be angry? 
  14. Who was given permission to cry?
  15. Who was given a doll to play and who was given a car/mechanical set?
  16. Who was encouraged to be rough and tough and who was encouraged to look beautiful?
  17. Who makes more sacrifices in your family?
  18. Who was encouraged to be polite and nice? Who was encouraged to be assertive?
Your answers to all the above questions need not be the same. However if for most answers you are getting similar answers, you know the pattern.
Our upbringing and society is heavily conditioned by our gender. Gender stereotypes are so insidious that we do not even notice them in daily life. Gender is at the root of what divides society. 
And the way capitalism has evolved, this conditioning has benefited men more than women. As a society we have valued masculine more than feminine. This is patriarchy.
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