Compassionate Listening

Experience the magic of complete acceptance and safety! My clients often credit me for my acute listening skills. Listening is a far deeper process than hearing.

Listening of course includes noticing others’ tone, pitch, facial expression, body language, etc. At a deeper level it includes listening for others’ feelings, beliefs and values as well.

I switch off my inner chatter and be fully present to your experience. Compassion literally means Feeling With others. I accompany you on your journey. In your shoes. Upon request, I do provide a reflection of what I hear from you. This acts like a mirror and helps my clients process their feelings and thinking. This is my core competence and I often get the best feedback around my listening skills from my clients.

Listening is an intense process. Thus we normally schedule sessions of 60-90 minutes. One session is often never enough to work through a problem unless we already have existing rapport. So I do Compassionate Listening sessions in a package of 3 to 5. Each being separated by a week.

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Collaborative Communication

“I just wish if my wife/husband could change a little bit, It would sort everything in my life”

“Only if my boss can understand this, I would be so happy”

“Only if my father/mother would listen more, it would make me less miserable”

We all have thought of these words and often ‘bitched’ about our troubles to our close friends. Spoiler alert! You can never control other’s behavior! The more you focus your energy on changing others, more miserable you become.

These sessions are for my clients to win back their power. I help focus their energy on what they can do to deal with a difficult relationship.

I do various reflection exercises, role plays, compassionate listening and other tools to help my clients gain deeper understanding of themselves and others.

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Crafting a Spiritual Identity

There are four energies from where we all operate – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Spiritual energy is at the core of our existence. This is where meaning making and purpose exist for us.

I have been a deeply spiritual person since childhood. I have tried various faiths and have come to appreciate all. I was born in a Jain family and as a kid, I often used to question various religious beliefs. At the age of 7/8 years, I went to our one of the saint and asked her, “What is the meaning of life?” I was educated in a Christian missionary school and participated in various Christmas plays and have come to develop immense faith Lord Jesus and his good-will nature. Some of my best school friends were following Islam. I have spent hours with them talking and riding bicycles. I read extensively about Lord Krishna and Mahabharata in my graduation. I did my Masters thesis on Bhagvad Gita. I read and analyzed each verse and compared it with learnings from Humanistic Psychology. I came across Vipassana at the age of 24 and have been practicing it ever since. I have attended four 10-day retreats out of which I could complete three.

I have had few spiritual melt downs. Existential crisis. Times where I was consumed by meta-physical thoughts, extreme meaninglessness, sadness and doubts. Each time I have come out stronger and deeper.

I want to contribute and help others who are struggling with these challenges. With those intentions, I offer this service completely on donation basis. There are absolutely no charges for your sessions. If you benefit from my sessions, you are welcome to contribute to next participants sessions. This can be any amount of your choice. No questions asked.

In sessions, I help you explore your spiritual beliefs, explore your habits around your rituals. I help you deepen your faith.

People from all faith are welcomed. No matter your birth religion or current beliefs. no matter if you believe in multiple births, or astrology or are hedonistic. No matter if you are agnostic or atheist and exploring your beliefs. If you are interested in growing spiritually, you are welcome.

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Workshops on Compassionate Communication/Collaborative Communication/Non-Violent Communication

I offer introductory to in-depth workshops around Non-Violent communication (Also known as Compassionate Communication/Collaborative Communication)

Introductory workshops range from 2-3 hours. Typically they are just to make people aware about the subject

In-depth workshops range from 6-16 hours over multiple days. They are often themed around the challenges of the community.

Often my listening sessions are combined with workshops. So a group goes through the workshop and then works with me individually to explore their challenges.

If you want a short demo of what this offering is all about, you can request HERE.

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I am often asked about my listening skills and how have I developed it?! I have absolutely no clue. It’s a birth gift. I often attribute it to my limited hearing. I have SNHL in my right ear. Not sure how it got developed. My ENT says it is congenital. It is difficult to notice it unless you are sitting on my right side. Maybe with limited hearing came unlimited listening!

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